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The AND Gate Project: Writing

The AND Gate Project: Writing recognizes that in order to create innovative solutions that positively impact the world, both STEM and society must be taken into consideration. When technology is optimized but social and humanitarian concerns are ignored, or when societal issues are addressed without a regard for the scientific facts, meaningful progress becomes unattainable. Thus, through our publications, we promote an understanding of important scientific current events that directly affect areas of society, economics, politics, and policy. We also foster analysis of the ethical aspects of scientific and technological advancements, as well as the intertwined nature of science and philosophy as we strive to answer underlying questions about life and the universe.

Read our content on our website blog and on Medium.


Cultivate an understanding for the scientific and technological issues affecting society directly.


Promote analysis of the sciences and technology using concepts of philosophy and ethics.


 Convey information about intricate STEM+humanities topics with larger audiences.


Provide an accessible and efficient platform for students to publish their knowledge.

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