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The AND Gate Project: Speech and Debate

The AND Gate Project: Speech and Debate combines STEM and speech and debate. We aim to host online speech and debate tournaments for middle and high school students with topic areas in science and technology. Competitive debate and scientific research are two of the most popular academic high school extracurricular activities around the nation. Yet, rarely do young students have the opportunity to combine communication with science, while intensively analyzing the crucial topics in science and technology from a philosophical or policy-making lens. We offer events such as extemporaneous speaking, extemporaneous debate, and prepared prompt speaking. This enables students to research and discuss numerous STEM+X topics while gaining competition experience, feedback from experienced judges, and a community of fellow public speakers passionate about STEM.


A platform for experienced speech and debate students to host online tournaments.


Low-stakes competition as preparation for larger invitationals.


Gain skills in science communication, presentation, and delivery.


Cultivate research and analysis skills regarding STEM-related policy issues.

Sample Extemporaneous Speaking Topics

What should be NASA’s top priorities over the next decade? (Energy, Environment, and Outer Space)

Have American efforts to find a COVID vaccine been too rushed? (Biology, Health, Healthcare, and Medicine)

Is artificial intelligence on its way to reshaping K-12 education? (Technology and Data)

Learn more about extemporaneous speaking on pages 17-18 of this guide.

Sample Extemporaneous Debate Topic

Resolved that the US federal government should increase regulations on GMOs.

Learn more about Extemporaneous Debate here. 

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