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AMACS: Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

AMACS is a project that provides opportunities to learn applied mathematics and engage in hands-on projects that use mathematical modeling and scientific computing to solve multidisciplinary problems. We seek to host online courses and guided hackathons (tutorials + final project competition) for middle and high school students to promote skills in research, data analysis, programming, and communication.


Allow more experienced students to share their expertise by creating and hosting online courses and competitions.


Educate middle and high school participants on fundamental concepts in applied math and mathematical modeling.


Enable students to apply math and CS to solve multidisciplinary problems in physics, medicine, finance and civics.


Provide hands-on, collaborative learning and project opportunities through competitions and hackathons.

Upcoming Courses & Hackathon Theme Areas

Mathematics and Programming for Kinematics and Dynamics

Mathematical and Conceptual Underpinnings of Chaos Theory, Differential Equations for Celestial Mechanics, Physics Simulations in Matplotlib and Visual Python.

Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods

Linear Algebra for Neural Networks, Introduction to Numerical Methods, Graph Theory, Monte Carlo Simulations, Differential Equations for Quantum Mechanics.

Machine Learning and Data Science for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Using SQL for Analyzing Planets and Stars, Regression and Classification in Python for Galaxy Research, Modeling Neutron Stars.

Mathematical Modeling and Econometrics

R and ggplot2 for COVID-19 modeling, Econometrics, Quantitative Finance, Election Data Analysis.

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